Your Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight can be hard. We take a refreshing approach to traditional diet clubs.

We believe that all foods have a place in a balanced diet and promote practical and realistic changes to achieve a healthy weight.

With the support of our friendly and qualified advisors, we will encourage and advise you on the steps needed to achieve a healthier weight.

For most, maintaining change is the toughest part, therefore we help you to set achievable weekly goals which are sustainable.

Flexible support around you

Our realistic approach to weight management ensures no strict diets or exercise routines. We will support you to make positive, practical, and realistic changes to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Our weight management team offers 12 weeks of free nutritional and physical activity support.

During the face-to-face group programme, we will consider all aspects of weight management including behavioural and psychological barriers, as well as life circumstances which are linked to weight gain.

All programmes share a flexible approach to weight loss that considers the client’s individual needs.

This includes realistic goal setting, physical activity tailored to different levels of ability, analysis of food diaries and additional support outside of the group.

We embrace diversity

We have also developed several programmes to cater for people in high-risk groups who are less likely to engage with health improvement services.

We offer a variety of programmes including classes for older adults, men’s and women’s only, adults with learning disabilities and ethnic minority groups.

We also have a programme to support pregnant women to improve their diet during pregnancy and beyond.

By creating relevant, responsive and bespoke programmes, we hope to reduce health inequalities.

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Who we can support

*Our free programmes are available to:

Local Residents (Nottinghamshire County)

Aged 18 and over

Have a BMI between 30-50*

(Not sure about your BMI. Click ‘Eligibility Info’ below.)

So if you meet the above, please contact us today and start your journey towards better health.