Healthy Families (FAB)

Healthy Families (FAB)

Our FAB (Food, Activity, Balance) programme is a Family weight management service that supports the whole family. We support families to make healthy food choices and provide fun, interactive and engaging physical activity for children.

Every Family Is Unique

Our friendly advisors are here to support you with encouragement and advice to maintain a positive approach to managing your weight and health behaviours. We understand that every family is different, therefore our approach is flexible to suit individual needs. We have a range of group, 1-1, phone and digital support options providing:

Realistic Goal Setting
Family Wellbeing Plans
Healthy Eating Guidance
Physical Activity Sessions
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How We Support

Our weight management teams offer free nutritional and fitness support and advice, and consider other behavioural and psychological aspects, and life circumstances linked to weight gain and poor health.

All programmes share a flexible approach to weight loss that considers the families individual needs, facilitating adherence to an agreed plan.

This includes realistic goal setting, no strict diets or exercise routines and an emphasis on long-lasting lifestyle changes aimed at maintaining a healthy weight after the programme.

Find out how we can work together to ensure people and their communities become...

Healthier & Happier for Longer