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At Your Health Notts we offer even more. 

MSK Your Way -referred for hip and knee joint replacement surgery. 

Cancer Prehab – preparing patients for major cancer surgery. 

Maternity Weight Management – free nutritional support to pregnant and postnatal women with a BMI over 30.

Maternity Weight Management

We offer free nutritional support to pregnant and postnatal women with a BMI over 30. Nutritional support is led by you and is to help you improve your diet to ensure you are getting all the right nutrients during your pregnancy and beyond.

We know that eating well in pregnancy can be difficult, especially if you are experiencing tiredness or morning sickness. Our Healthy Lifestyle Advisors will take your personal circumstances into consideration when offering support and guidance and will work with you to make small changes that can have a huge impact on the health of you and your baby.

If you live in or around Mansfield, we have a maternity group at Ladybrook Children’s Centre open to pre-natal women. Partners and younger children are also welcome. As part of this free service our qualified staff will deliver gentle movement to prepare your body for birth and beyond. Free light refreshments will be available.

In addition to the face-to-face group, we provide one-to-one telephone appointments for the duration of your pregnancy at a time that suits you. It is your choice how often you wish to have these appointments, which can vary from weekly to monthly, depending on how much support you feel you need. Partners, parents and carers are welcome to attend these phone appointments with you.

For our post-natal clients there are two options. You can either engage in physical activity group sessions which are weekly and last for 45 minutes or you can attend our nutrition and physical activity sessions which are weekly and last for an hour and a half. You will have access to scales at these sessions to keep track of your weight postnatally.

MSK Your Way

We have partnered up with MSK together to provide a personalised programme called MSK Your Way. Anyone who is referred for consideration of hip and knee joint replacement surgery in the MSK hub will be offered this referral pathway.

The offer is designed to suit your needs with the overall aim of recovering faster, having a shorter stay in hospital, and reducing surgery risks.

Cancer Prehab

We work in partnership with NUH (Nottingham University Hospitals), Self Help UK and CARE (Cancer and Rehabilitation Exercise) to deliver the NUH Prehab Service. This prepares patients physically and emotionally for major cancer surgery. We aim to reduce their time in hospital afterwards and promote a long-term healthy lifestyle to live well after cancer treatment.

As a service, we recently have been awarded 2 PENNA (Patient Experience National Awards) regarding Partnership working to improve the Experience and Personalisation of Care.

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