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We know it can be hard to make behaviour changes. Our friendly and experienced advisors are here to support you with realistic and long-term support for you to stop smoking, manage your weight, reduce your alcohol intake, eat a balanced diet and get more active. We will work with you to decide on a package of support which is right for you, this can include support to your family as well if you choose. All services are free and available in your local area. Click on the link below to find out about the range of services we offer and please get in touch and talk to one of our advisors today.

Stop Smoking

Your Health Your Way’s Stop Smoking Service helps individuals stop smoking for good.

For any one 12 years or older living in Nottinghamshire our dedicated and friendly stop smoking advisors deliver a range of 1-1 and drop-in sessions as well as phone and digital support. We provide a full range of free nicotine replacement therapy alongside weekly support from our stop smoking advisors. We will support you to understand why you smoke, manage your cravings, and deal with relapses.

Get in touch today to have a friendly call with your local stop smoking advisor and start your journey to quitting smoking for good.

Manage Your Weight

Losing weight and keeping it off can be hard. We take a realistic approach to weight management, no strict diets or exhausting exercise routines but positive, regular, practical and realistic changes to achieve a healthy weight.

Our friendly and positive advisors are here to support you with encouragement, advice and maintaining a positive approach to managing your weight and health behaviours.

Get in touch today to have a chat with one of our friendly advisors and get started with a healthier and happier approach to your weight management.

Move More

Getting more activity is important for everyone, no matter what your age or ability. We are here to support you to find out about and access local groups and classes in your area and provide advice and support to help you and your family move more.

If you think you currently do less than an hour of activity a week then we can support with personalised activity support, you can join one of our specialist groups to increase your fitness levels safely and 1:1 support.

Get in touch for more information and our team of highly trained exercise and activity advisors will support you get more active no matter what your starting point.

Drink Less

Worried about your alcohol intake or want to make some simple steps to reduce your alcohol intake?

We can support with simple, realistic messages to help reduce your alcohol intake. We will work ask you some quick questions to ensure our service is appropriate for you if not, we can support you to access other services in your area.

We also include guidance on safe alcohol drinking in all of our support sessions.

Falls Prevention

Our highly skilled staff deliver and co-ordinate a range of falls prevention sessions, supporting anyone over the age of 55 who has mobility or stability challenges.

In addition, we work collaboratively with local partners and instructors to ensure exercise class quality standards are met and deliver and coordinate professional support for instructors.

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We are here to help all residents of Nottinghamshire (excluding Nottingham city) get more active, eat healthier, manage their weight, drink less alcohol and stop smoking. If you would like to refer yourself or someone you work with please click the ‘Refer Today’ button below.

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