Quit Smoking and Boost Your Mental Mojo!

Reduce stress, feel less anxious, get your mojo back!

Quit Smoking and Boost Your Mental Mojo!

So, you’ve heard the chat about cigarettes calming the nerves, right? We’ve all been there, thinking that puffing away on a ciggie can help take the edge off a rough day. But let’s delve into what’s really happening when we light up and how giving up the habit can actually do wonders for our mental well-being!

1. “Smoking Relaxes Me” – The Great Deception

First off, ever wondered why that cigarette after a long day feels so relaxing? It’s a sneaky little cycle. The nicotine in cigarettes gives a temporary buzz by releasing dopamine in our brains – that’s the feel-good stuff. But here’s the kicker: over time, when you’re not smoking, you actually start feeling more stressed because your body is missing that nicotine. So, that “relaxing” puff? It’s mostly just easing the nicotine withdrawal. Sneaky, right?1

2. The Nicotine Rollercoaster

Turns out, smoking doesn’t just NOT help stress; it could be adding to it! A bit of digging from our pals at the British Heart Foundation showed that if you’re a long-term smoker, you’re at a 70% higher risk of feeling more anxious and down in the dumps compared to those who don’t smoke2. It’s like being on a seesaw – up and down, up and down.

3. The Sunny Side of Quitting

Here’s the exciting bit: kick the habit and not only does your body start thanking you, but your mind does too! Studies have shown that once you quit, you’re likely to feel less anxious, less stressed, and generally in a brighter mood3. Even the NHS gives a big thumbs up, saying many feel mentally better after stubbing out for good4.

4. But What if I’ve Got Other Mental Health Stuff Going On?

If you’re managing mental health issues, it’s natural to worry that quitting might make things tougher. But, breathe easy! Research says that most folks with conditions like depression or anxiety often feel better after quitting, not worse5.

In a Nutshell…

We get it. Quitting is tough, and the myth that smoking chills you out is hard to shake off. But the science is clear: ditching the habit can light up your mental health in the best way. And remember, if you’re thinking of quitting, there’s heaps of help out there!

Cheers to a smoke-free, happier you! 🎉

(Note: Those links are just a guide. Dive into the mentioned websites or sources for all the juicy details!)


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