Falls Prevention Programme

At Your Health Notts, we prioritise your safety.

Our Falls Prevention Programme, developed in collaboration with the commissioned obesity prevention and weight management service, is a progressive exercise initiative designed for individuals aged 55 and above facing mobility or stability challenges.

These sessions focus on strength and balance—the key to preventing falls. Learn and practice Otago’s recommended exercises to feel confident and steady.

Feel great again

The programme includes comprehensive classes delivered by qualified instructors, focusing on enhancing strength, balance, and overall well-being. Participants have the flexibility to self-refer via telephone or online, or be referred by a health or social care professional.

Join us in taking proactive steps towards your safety and well-being. Self-refer today or consult with a health or social care professional for a referral. Your Health Notts – where your journey to enhanced well-being begins.

Eligibility Criteria

  • History of Falls: Documented history of falls

  • Unstable Feelings with Strength and Balance Issues: Experiencing feelings of instability and challenges with strength and balance.

  • Fear of Falling: Individuals with a fear of falling.

  • Need for Motivation, Supervision, Monitoring, and Exercise Guidance: Those seeking motivation, supervision, monitoring, and assistance in choosing the right type of exercise.

  • History of Fractures: Individuals with a history of fractures.

  • Mobility, Stability, and Balance Challenges: Open to anyone facing mobility, stability, and balance challenges who would benefit from attending this type of exercise session.

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Who we can support

*Falls Prevention programmes are available to:

Local Residents (Nottinghamshire County)

Adults with a previous fall or with mobility and balance challenges

So if you meet the above, please contact us today and start your journey towards better health.