Choose to Change

Make a positive and sustainable lifestyle change for your family!

We offer a bespoke and family centred service that offers a age-appropriate intervention to children, young people, and their families in leading happier and healthier lives.

Please note: We currently only accept professional referrals for the Choose to Change Programme

A Positive Approach

This is the first  community Specialist Health Living (Weight Management) Service for Children and Young People (CYP). We are a team of professionals working together with CYP and their families to help manage and improve their physical and emotional health of Children and Young People (CYP) who qualify for this service. The team is made up of a paediatrician GP, specialist dietitian, specialist lifestyle leader and  psychologist.

Our friendly advisors are here to support you with encouragement and advice to maintain a positive approach to managing your weight and health behaviours.

We understand that every family and child is different, therefore our approach is flexible to suit individual needs.

We have virtual group sessions and 1-1 phone consultations providing:

  • Diet and healthy eating habits
  • Age-appropriate physical activity delivered by qualified professionals
  • Reducing the amount of sedentary time
  • Strategies for changing family behaviour to create new and positive, healthy habits
  • Psychological Support and 1-1 intervention to help young people and parents understand how their thoughts, emotions and mental can be improved with our assistance
  • GP and ongoing assessments to support with any medical needs that the child may have, which is affecting their lifestyle and weight

Our intervention is focused on proven methods, whilst also having a fun and engaging element as it is designed to motivate all members of the family to take part.

We also provide a safe space for Parents/Guardians and their families to discuss any challenges they may be facing when making healthy lifestyle changes.

Please Note:
ALL NEW ENQUIRIES AND REFFERALS should contact us via the SPOA (Single Point of Access) website here.  

All clients related to FAB or C2C will continue to contact the specific team accordingly.

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Who we can support

*Our free Choose to Change Programme is available to:

Local Residents (Nottinghamshire County)

At least one child aged 4 years plus and between 96.8th  centile – 98.6 centile

(Not sure about your BMI? Click the ‘Eligibility Info’ button below)

This service is professional referrals only.